Here’s what’s happening now …

Upcoming Events – November/ December

Please mark these important dates on on your calendar:
  • November 4    Daylight Savings Time EndsSet your clocks BACK 1 hour before you go to bed Saturday night! 
  • November 4    Church Fellowship ⋅ After the evening service we’ll have a time of food and fellowship!
  • November 9-10  East Coast Ladies’ RetreatOur ladies will attend this event at Beacon Baptist Church in Raleigh.
  • November 11  Southeastern EnsembleThe Southeastern FWB College Ensemble will provide our special music.
  • November 18  Missions SundayOn this day we make good on the faith promise commitment we made to Missions.
  • November 20  Tuesday Evening Prayer Meeting ⋅ Mid-week Prayer meeting to be held Tuesday of Thanksgiving week. 
  • December 1  WinGS Ladies Christmas Fellowship ⋅  Recipe Swap Fellowship – We’ll have soup, games, enjoy yummy                                                                                                    treats and go home with new recipes to enjoy this Christmas.                                                                                                ⋅  Bring your kids and we’ll have games and activities for them too!!
                                                                                                  ⋅  Invite your friends and relatives to come as an outreach opportunity. 
  • December 4  Trustees Meeting ⋅ 7:00 pm ⋅  Meet in the Junior Church building. 
  • December 8  Youth Movie and Game Night ⋅ 5:30 pm Meet a the the church for a movie, then we’ll go to Jump Street!!
  • December 12  Quarterly Business Meeting ⋅  7:30 pm During this meeting we will approve the 2019 Church Budget. 
  • December 15  Haven Church Christmas Party6:00 pm ⋅ Event will be catered by Smithfields’ Chicken & BBQ.  Bring a                                                                                           $5.00 to $10.00 gift for our gift exchange game. 
  • December 16  Birthday Present for Jesus Offering ⋅  11:00 am Every year we designate this offering to a worthy                                                                                                                           outside ministry or need. 
  • December 16  Missions SundayOn this day we make good on the faith promise commitment we made to Missions.
  • December 24  Family Communion and Prayer timeFamily Prayer Time for those that are in town and able to participate.