GIGG – Growing In God’s Grace Testimonies


Here are some of the verbatim testimonies from our service on April 6.  We trust they are an encouragement to you, and if you have not participated in the GIGG Bible study, that you will join our ladies for the next series!



I counted it a privilege to walk through the pages of his word.  In this Bible study we learned about true belief or true faith.  You can say I believe that light is on but do you really know until you see the brightness of it that it’s on?   You can say you believe you’re breathing, but do you believe it until you stop and don’t breath?  You know we take so many things for granted.

This Bible study has taught me to truly believe/have faith in my God.  Why do we need faith?  Beth Moore had us read Romans chapter 4 twenty times during this study.  Romans 4 talks of Abraham’s true faith and true belief in God.  He didn’t have all the Bible studies that we have, he didn’t have a lot of the things that we have that we can delve into – commentaries or whatever – he just believed.  He believed with his whole heart.  He believed everything God had to tell him, and he acted on it everyday of his life.  Every breath of Abraham’s life he was walking with God.

Why do we need faith?  First we need it to be saved.  We have to have faith that He will come into our heart and He will live there, and that we take on the personality of the Holy Spirit.  Can you believe that?  We as human beings can act like God.  No we cannot be perfect, but we can act like a holy human – as far as we can – to Him.  Then we need to have faith to please God.  We were created to please God.  That is the only reason He created us for him, for his pleasure, for his fellowship.  He loves us so much. Then to increase our faith, we need to stay in His Word.  Like I said it has been a privilege to delve into this book.  I learned things that I never knew.  I’m 56 years old.  I’ve been in a Christian home my whole life.  I’ve been under Sunday School teachers, I’ve been under several pastors, been in many Revivals, many Bible Studies.  I learned things now that I never even thought of learning.

We also can ask God to help us to increase our faith.  To give us the desire to be in His Word.  To not let anything else get in the way of our Bible study.  To just walk with him on a daily minute by minute basis.  And if we do that, it says in the Bible that God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him.  He will bless us and I have proof of that, because during this Bible study, because I was even more in the Word he released me from – and I can say it with all honesty – a guilt that I’ve had since I was 13 years old.   No need in going Into details … I thought I had done something and I didn’t think He could forgive me for what i had done.  If I was to tell you, you would think it was the silliest thing you had ever heard of.  It wasn’t silly to me.  He released me from it.  I don’t even think about it anymore, and I thought about it on a weekly basis for 40 years.  I thank Him so much.  He also released me from the bitterness of my dad dying when I was young.  I was mad at my dad, because i felt like he made choices that were bad choices.  And then I, my children and my grandchildren, missed out on a lot because of the choices he had made.  God showed me through this Bible study that my dad dying was a blessing.  He was tangled in the Devils web, he couldn’t get out on his own, so God took him out.  He took him off this earth so that he could go to heaven and be with Him, and be watching over me all the time.

I cannot thank you enough for starting this study. I cannot encourage the other ladies enough that have not done this, do it!  You will be blessed!   Even if you do it just because you want to be blessed, be selfish!  That’s a good way to be selfish.  You want to be blessed by God, come on, because you will not regret it.



On the first night each lady that was there gave a little something about ourselves.  On the second night, I learned about Moses and the Israelites and how they crossed the Red Sea. Then we learned about the blue cord, and what it symbolizes.  This is why every time you see us we wear these blue bracelets.  As the ladies study went on over the weeks I learned more about God’s promises that he promised me.

In one of the sessions homework,  we had to list some of the risks of being a present participle believing God and I came to know that I started to down myself.   Then one night Ms. Danielle after the Bible study took me aside and showed me the part of the Bible where it encouraged me to keep on believing and she gave me some encouraging words.  Ever since then my faith is now stronger than it has ever been since I became a Christian.  Many of you may know that I’ve been keeping a faith journal where I write to God in prayer, and after I write it I said out loud so I know I can hear myself say it and I know God will definitely hear me even though he already knows what I have been saying.  I’ve also been calling our Heavenly Father “Dad” because when you go through this Bible study I know him intimately and I wanted Him to be proud of me for everything I’m doing.  I’ve also made some awesome friends.  One of them is not here, you know her as Mrs. Jan, the Pastor’s wife.  She’s more than just a friend to me, she’s more like a grandmother to me.   I wish she was here so she can hear me say it.



Every week we watched a video, an hour-long lesson from Beth Moore.  In one of the weeks she said that God gives us or allows us a “do-over.”  Through salvation, through grace, he allows us a do-over.  I don’t know about you, but I have had many do-overs.  She said God is not looking for perfection, He is looking for faithfulness.  Hebrews 11:6 says, “Without faith it is impossible to please God.”  Because those that come to Him need to know that He exists, and to believe that He exists, and that He rewards those who earnestly seek him.  So being a Christian does not have to mean that we’re perfect.  It just means that we have been given a do-over, that we are forgiven.



I just want to say this is the first ladies Bible study that I’ve been involved in and it was a blessing.  Danielle, I do thank you so much for initiating this. She did a wonderful job.  If you’ve never experienced Beth Moore, she is a very Godly woman and she is a blessing to us.  We all grew as Christians, we all grew as sisters.   I learned things about some of these ladies and my sister being one of those – who I’ve known all her life – and I learned things about her in this Bible study that I didn’t know.  I’m sure that they learned some things about me that they didn’t know. 

I was saved at five years old.  I love the Lord.  I didn’t always walk close to the Lord but like Peggy said he gave me a do-over, and I’m doing over every day. I just thank Him for His Grace, I thank Him for His Mercy, I thank him for his Love.   God loves you.  God loves me.  And every day he’s there. Every day he’s supplying my needs.  I can’t name the blessings that God has bestowed on me.   Me, so undeserving, who every day I don’t treat Him like I ought to treat Him.

I learned a lot in this Bible study.  But the one thing – the one thing – that touched my heart is that God is Holy.   It’s a capital G.  God is God!   Yes he loves me, I’m His child, He’s my father … but He’s a Holy Father.  He is Holy and we learned that sometimes we don’t speak to Him as if he is a Holy God.  We talk to Him like He’s our next-door neighbor or our brother or our sister.  Yes, he loves us and He wants us to talk to him every day like he is our friend.  But He’s so much more than our friend.  He is God, and sometimes we say that with a little G but it’s just a capital G.  I just pray that God will continue to draw me in closer because I could be closer to him that I am.  I pray every day that he will strengthen my faith and that he will help me be a better Christian, a better witness for him because ultimately that’s the goal.  To spread his message and let other people know that he loves them.  I think the thing that I’m coming away with is that God is Holy and I need to give him more reverence than I do.  I keep saying that’s the one thing I just need to remember that he is a Holy God and that he loves me.



Our ladies have been participating in a bible study over the past 10 weeks called “Believing God.”  It is a study developed by Beth Moore and it has been a real blessing not only to me but to our entire group.

The study called each of us to practice active faith in God.  Using our five statement “Pledge of Faith” has been such an encouragement for me.  It has helped me believe and grow in my faith by first believing our mighty God can do what he says He can do and from there realizing who I am in Christ as well as the possibilities I hold and the promises I can have through Christ who makes all things possible!  I have really enjoyed experiencing God’s hand and will on my life and I know that it is a direct result from this study.  I cannot wait until our next ladies bible study so I can see what else God has planned for me, for our Church, and for all of our wonderful, beautiful ladies!



This Bible study is one of the best things I’ve ever done, I have just thoroughly enjoyed it – every second of it.  Thank you Danielle for starting it, and I am anxiously awaiting the next one.

We learned about believing God.  I guess I’ve always believed in God.  I knew there was a God and I know I believed that he died on the cross he was raised for my sins.  But I didn’t believe his promises – that they applied to me.  As we went through the Bible and we looked over and over and over again at different miracles that God performed in the Bible, Beth made it clear to us that God is still doing miracles for us.  God is not a God of “used to do miracles.”  He’s actively performing miracles today.  And he wants to change our lives.  He wants to answer our prayers.  If we just truly go to Him and ask for things he will get us what we need and he will be there to bless us.

Then the friendship.  I’ve known these ladies for years and I’ve gone to this church for years now and I’ve known most of them for a long time.   Until this I didn’t feel the closeness.  I truly believe now that I can go to these ladies with anything – and I not only believe, but I have –  and I know they’re going to pray with me and that they’re going to continue to pray, not just while they’re there with me, but keep me in their prayers.  And there’s nothing sweeter than knowing that you got other people that are truly lifting you up to God.  Thank you.



The 3rd statement of the 5 statement pledge of faith is the main truth I came away with – “I am who God says I am.”  It’s so easy to believe what the enemy has to say about me.  And he really knows just when to kick me and it’s usually when I’m already feeling pretty crummy.  And those kicks often come in the form of making me believe that I’m not enough, or that I’m too much.  I’m not a good enough wife, not a good enough mom, I’m for sure not a good enough Christian.  I’m too loud, I’m too big, I’m too needy.  I compare myself to every other woman I come in contact with.  She does more with her kids, her marriage is perfect, her hair always looks great, her dress size is smaller than mine, she loves Jesus more than I do.  This study open my eyes and my heart to the truth that I am who God says I am.  I’m not who you or who he or anyone else says I am.   I’m not even who I say I am.  God says that I am blessed, chosen, adopted, accepted, redeemed, forgiven, and loved beyond all love.  It is an active process to believe this every day and I really haven’t completely given myself over to it yet.  A lot of days it’s a it’s a real battle, but it all starts with actively believing He is who He says He is.  Everything else hinges on that one truth.

The only way to know who He says He is is to spend time with him.  It’s impossible to believe someone that you never talk to or hear from.  This Bible study really drove home the necessity of being in the Word every day so I can hear directly from the one who has named me.  This ten week study has been some of the sweetest time I’ve had with our Lord and these other women.   We weren’t meant to go this Christian journey alone with just a weekly pit-stop to fill up and then head back out on our own until the next week.  We see all through the New Testament that the early Christians were living life together, not just in a weekly service.  We see them loving each other, offering forgiveness to each other, serving each other, bearing each others’ burdens.  We see them encouraging and exhorting one another, praying for each other, speaking some hard truths in love to each other, confessing their sins to one another, treating each other as members of one body.  This is what happened in our Bible study. We were able to start building relationships that may have been a bit surface and we were able to go deeper.  We laughed together, we cried, we prayed, we learned.  We grew, and we ate every week.   We lived life together.  We shared burdens and we shared joys.  We spoke about how the Holy Spirit was changing us.  It’s something that doesn’t come by simply sitting next to each other on a pew a couple times a week.  Church attendance is critical to the life of a believer but so are relationships.  Real, deep relationships with our brothers and sisters.  We can’t do the kingdom’s work alone.  We weren’t meant to carry life’s burdens, or keep life’s blessings – God’s blessings – to ourselves.  We can learn from each other.  I have learned from these ladies and I have seen sides of some of them I had never seen.  I know them more and love them more and I am glad to make Jesus’ name big alongside them.