Honoring Our Mothers

Honoring Our Mothers   –   Proverbs 31:10-31

My Mother was the eleventh child of thirteen. She grew up in the country. She loved to be outside. It is hard for us to believe our Uncle Jim when he shares antics he and Mom got into while growing up. One time my uncles dared Mom to carry a 100 lb. Sack of sugar from the wagon the to house. She got it on her back and though she was only 10, she managed the dare with confidence and won!

I have seen the house my Mom lived in during her childhood years. She met my Dad through her brother who married my Dad’s sister. They were in their early teens when they met and got married at the age of 18, in Anniston, AL. My Dad was in the Army and Mom and my Aunt traveled there on the train. Dad went off to war and he lost a leg while fighting in Belgium.  He was transferred to Battle Creek, Michigan and as he gained strength he hitchhiked to Southern Illinois. He and Mom were reunited and a couple of years later my brother was born,  A couple of years after that I was born.

My parents were not Christians early in their marriage. But there was a neighbor who knew our family and he got a burden for my Dad. He came every week to invite him to church. They were having revival meetings and my Dad promised this neighbor he would be there one night. That night Dad heard the gospel and knew the Holy Spirit was knocking at his heart. He yielded to the Holy Spirit and gave his heart to the Lord. When Dad got home he told Mom what happened to him and the next night she went with him and gave her heart to the Lord, too.  I am so thankful I do not remember much about the life before Jesus made a difference in our home.  Dad answered the call to preach soon afterward and we were in church every service. I am the second child of nine children. Mom and Dad were not taught about Jesus when they grew up. They learned about Him together and they taught us what the Bible said, but even more than that, they lived a Christian life before us. We had relatives who asked, “What happened?” and it gave my parents opportunity to share their salvation experience with other family members.

Mother made our home a place where we felt loved and secure. She stayed up many nights with sick children. She always had a hot breakfast for us before we left for school and always had a snack when we returned.  I remember coming in to smell hot yeast rolls baking! I am well up in years now and I never, never, never, remember hearing my Mom complain. She could take a dollar and stretch it farther than anyone I ever saw! I remember the time red meat was very expensive and she prepared a meatless meal and we didn’t even miss the meat. She made our clothes and quilts and patched clothes when you couldn’t tell they were patched. She could sooth an scraped knee with a kiss and a big hug. Mom kept her Bible by her bedside and she used it for her guidebook. I am thankful for all the years the Lord gave us with her. She was loved by family and friends. When we called our aunt out West, the day Mom moved to Heaven, our aunt said, “I wanted to go back there for a visit and Bessie is the one I wanted to see!.”  A neighbor lady across the street from Mom chose to go to Church the Sunday after Mom moved to Heaven. She told my sister she would see Mom leaving on Sunday mornings to go to Church.

We will never be able to repay our Mothers for all they have done for us. The next best thing to honor our Mothers is to love and serve the Lord.