Second Mile Revival – March 23-26

The theme for our Spring Revival is taken from Matthew 5:41, where Jesus teaches us the principle of going the second mile.  Simply put, this is doing more than is required, thus we have named our Revival the Second Mile Revival, asking everyone to go the second mile in our Revival effort.

First let’s go the second mile in prayer for our Revival.  We are asking our folks to pray daily for our Revival and our Evangelist, Rev. Pat Hall and for me, your Pastor.  I believe this to be a very important time in the ministry of our Church. Prayer must under gird all that we do for Christ and His Kingdom.

Second, we are asking each one to attend every service of the Revival.  In our fast paced, busy society this may mean some will have to go the second mile in their effort to meet this goal.

Third, we are asking folks to go the second mile in inviting and “compelling” people to come to our Revival. (Luke 14:23)  On March 2 we passed out Revival Commitment cards and so far after just one Sunday, folks have committed to go the second mile to try their best to bring 60 people to our meeting.  If you have not yet received your Revival Commitment card, please see me or one of our ushers, and we’ll make sure you get one.

Again, let’s go the second mile in our Revival effort!