The Favorite Thing About My Mom

Give her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates. (Proverbs 31:31)

This Mothers’ Day we thought we would do something a little special to commemorate our mothers.  Most likely our mom was the first person to love us, to hold us, to sacrifice for us, to teach us, and to kiss our boo-boo’s!  We’ve compiled a list of things that our folks thought about those most special women in our lives, and perhaps some of those most memorable times spent with them!

  • At my 50th birthday party we played musical chairs.  It came down to my mother and me.  I ended up in the last chair with my mom in my lap.  She declared that she had won!  (PH)
  • I am third of six boys, no sisters.  As one could imagine, we all got into a lot of mischief growing up.  My mom gave out most of the “whippin’s” but I always knew she still loved us.  She had us in church whenever the doors were open, and that’s where I found Jesus and where I found my bride.  (MN)
  • I loved her laugh and her beautiful smile.  (DT)
  • I have been blessed to have not only one mom but two!  I am thankful for these women who have treated me as their own and more than filled the role of “mom” in my life.  My step “into my heart” mom and my mother-in-love have shown me that a child isn’t always born of the womb, but sometimes of the heart.  (DN)
  • There are two things that I love most about my mom:  that she loves hard and that she prays without ceasing.  When she loves a person, she loves deeply and she loves forever!  Also, she prays incessantly. She’s been my prayer warrior my whole life, and I’m so thankful that she’s my mom!  (AG)
  • Too numerous.  My special moments now are my visits and our phone calls. (DP)
  • My mom took me to church where I met my Savior and my mate.  If she had not, my eternal and temporal life would have been probably drastically different.   Thank you, Mom!  (NN)
  • She is truthful, funny, and she’s awesome! (TE)
  • So much I could say — She was my best friend, I could tell her anything and she held it in her heart.  God blessed me with a wonderful God-loving mother.  (BJM)
  • A Virtuous Mother – Pro 28 – So blessed with so many memories.  A “mama’s girl.”  (LW)
  • Arrow Creek Fishing, Yellow Jackets – 150 to the head and 175-200 to the body.  My mom raked the bees off (not one sting!).  Wet tobacco saved my life. Thanks mom!  (GP)
  • She is honest, and she is helpful, and she comes when I need her.  (JB)
  • The most thing I love and remember about my grandmother by the way was like a mom to me.  The time we stayed up ’til midnight talking while I brushed her hair, painted her nails, and rubbed her feet and back.  We stayed up watching The Golden Girls, The Nanny, and Law and Order.  (SF)
  • My mother is a very selfless person.  She is the mother of ten children and always puts the needs of others before herself.  She is a very willing volunteer and a very loving person.  (ZL)
  • Some of the many memories I cherish of my mom are when I was playing sports and she would cheer louder than anyone else. No matter where on the field I was, I heard her encouragement; no matter how badly we were losing, I knew exactly who my biggest fan was. Even in defeat, I knew I had the unconditional love and support of an amazing mom.  (AN)
  • My mom was a Christian woman and taught her children the same values she had.  She was loving, kind, and just to everyone.  She had no favorites, but treated everyone special and loving.  My mom’s good in ways that every step she took brought her closer to her God.  (KH)
  • My most memorable moment with my mom is birth.  I wouldn’t give my mom up for the world!  My favorite moments with my mom are when we get to spend time alone together whenever she is not cleaning, working, gardening or sleeping.  (CH)
  • My favorite thing about my mom is her kisses. (FN)
  • She’s nice, and kind, and she gives me nice stuff.  She loves me very much.  (JN)
  • She always puts my wants, needs, and my dreams above her own.  Often sacrifices her own desires for me.  I am truly blessed.  (LG)
  • My mother made sure I knew right from wrong.  Her teaching method was three pronged.   Many times she used physical reinforcement, – more often she taught by instruction, – but most often she gave instruction by example.  (KT)